Welcome to Mother Daughter Money!

Mother Daughter Money was conceived in November 2015. I had become interested in financial therapy, behavioral economics, and personal finance. As I was walking one morning, I was thinking about how to add financial therapy and coaching services to my psychology practice. I was also thinking about conversations with Sierra as she was planning her wedding. She and her fiancé, Steve, got engaged on January 19, 2015. Once they determined they wanted a wedding, she began planning and saving immediately.

We talked several times a week and our conversations grew longer and more frequent, and were regularly filled with laughter. In addition to wedding planning, we also talked about her challenges of being a new homeowner and negotiating a raise, and my challenges of growing a business and planning for retirement.

Why not record our conversations about money and living a good life as a podcast? I called her immediately and suggested we start a project called Mother Daughter Money. She loved the idea and we began planning this blog and podcast. We would offer the female viewpoint on everything financial from the perspective of two different generations.

Conceiving the idea turned out to be the easy part. Birthing this project has been taken quite a bit more time and effort. We both work full-time and, hey, Sierra is planning a wedding! We hope you’ll drop in on our conversations via the Money Daughter Money blog while the podcast is under construction. Thanks for stopping by!