Dr. Patricia Fox & Sierra Simko

We are Dr. Patricia Fox, mother, and Sierra Simko, daughter. We celebrate, complain, laugh, and talk about our life challenges. Money is the thread that connects these conversations. We are at different stages of life and though our money issues are different, we share the common goal of living a good life.

Patty belongs to the Baby Boomer generation’s youngest cohort. Sierra is a Millennial. Though we dislike the labels, we do view our lives through these generational lenses.

​We live and work in northeast Pennsylvania where we enjoy the beautiful outdoors: walking, kayaking, skiing, and hanging out talking about life. Patty is a clinical psychologist and entrepreneur. Sierra is an architectural designer and project manager for a growing civil engineering firm.

We talk about relationships, career, decorating, travel, and food. Most of all, we talk about how to manage our debt, make money, save money, and live our biggest dreams. Join us for conversations about money and living our best lives.