Inspiring & Motivating Change


We believe in the value of mental and behavioral health support while our communities are adjusting and responding.

In person sessions are still scheduled at our office for the time being. On-line video meetings can be arranged and are HIPAA secure.

We are practicing social distancing (3-6 feet); disinfecting common areas and surfaces; and, washing hands for 20+ seconds.

Please wash your hands when you arrive at the office. Cover coughs and sneezes with the tissue or use the inside of your elbow.

Are You Looking For A Change?

I’ve dedicated my career to helping adults make the necessary changes to live healthier, happier lives.

As a Clinical Psychologist, Financial Coach, and Educator, I help people to live a conscious and deliberate life and improve their mental health. I’ll teach you to save, spend, and earn wisely. Finally, I help people connect their values with their goals.

Together we will identify beliefs and scripts; reframe negative thinking; label and manage emotions; identify and use your strengths; and, learn new behaviors for a more satisfying life.

My Services

Learn about my Therapy, Financial & Business Coaching, & Workshop Services.