I’m dedicated to helping you live a better life. We will work together to identify and manage obstacles that get in the way of your mental wellness.

Psychological Services


I help women and men identify and manage issues that get in the way of their mental wellness.

I work with both men and women, though I have particular expertise in women’s issues. This expertise has proven beneficial in my work with the Women in Philanthropy program where I provide training and mentoring in the areas of financial well-being, economic education, and small business development to women who want to start a business. I am proud to offer a comfortable, discreet, and emotionally safe environment for all my clients.

Talk To Someone Who Can Help.


Call me at (570) 319-6443 with your questions and concerns.

Divorce And Separation
Insomnia And Other Sleep Issues
Chronic Health
Caregiver Stress
Stress Management
Trauma And PTSD
Culture And Identity