Wedding Budget Revised – Splurges & Cost Cutting

The wedding budget has been revised many times. Sierra splurged on the items most important to her, and to them as a couple. That meant she had to engage in cost cutting measures to stay within budget. With just a few weeks before the wedding, Sierra describes their splurges and cost cutting.

What wedding budget costs were cut and why?

We cut the guest list. That measly 150 guests kept growing, so we started crossing off names. Not in the traditional sense, though. Everyone invited got a plus-one no matter if they were married or not. However, we removed all children, which reduced our number by about 35. We took away work friends and people who we wouldn’t make plans with in the next 18 months. We also used this rule-of-thumb: if you wouldn’t buy someone dinner on a Tuesday, why would you buy them dinner on your wedding day. That saved us a chunk of change in the budget.

We also went with a minimal photography package. I know, I know. It’s the one thing you will have to remember the day, blah blah. BUT, we went with a great (and somewhat expensive) photographer, and simply chose the most minimal package he could give us. There was no reason why we couldn’t go back and order more prints from him when we have more money. I really don’t need a fancy album or pictures of me in my SPANX. Honestly though, we didn’t sacrifice all that much. We went into this knowing we had a low budget, and removing the additional expenses right in the beginning saved any possible heartache. Oh! I also used coupons to purchase Steve’s tuxedo! Coupons, coupons, coupons!

What was the best splurge? 

The dress, of course. I am not one for designer labels, so I went to the David’s Bridal $100 dress sale. I remember picking my prom dresses off the rack there, so I figured I would do the same with my wedding dress. BUT, the dress you think you want is almost never The One, so an hour later, I purchased a Vera Wang dress marked down to $875. I am aware that people spend way more on dresses (I’ve seen Say Yes to the Dress), but I had only budgeted $500. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO STICK TO YOUR BUDGET.

Where else did you splurge?

I cannot explain how easy it is to go to one of the bridal shows or even Michael’s, and start thinking you need things you don’t. Avoiding all temptation for DIY brings me to my other splurge. I only planned on spending $500 on flowers, and I planned on ordering them from Sam’s Club. While an excellent way to save money (I have heard nothing but great things about Sam’s flowers), vases are expensive. So is basically any décor when you have 21 tables (we have 6 person tables).

I ended up going to a local florist and gave her a budget of $1,000, pictures of a fantastic mod table setting, and she worked her magic. She was able to give me the look I wanted with budget friendly blooms I would have never thought to use or known existed. She also directed me to a local event rental place that hooked me up with inexpensive napkins to give a pop of pattern to my “tablescape”. I added a few other items, like candles and mini succulents, but overall I am so happy I went with the florist. When I factor in my stress and time to figure it all out, I would have blown the wedding budget tenfold. Check out my bouquet by Monzie’s Floral Design.

How does your budget look? Do you regret that you aren’t eloping?

I am actually projecting under budget. As of now, we will be at $16,800 when all is said and done. Transportation and wedding bands came in under my projected cost. Those cuts helped balance the ridiculous amount of money I ended up spending on candy for the candy bar. I don’t regret this whole thing yet, but there is still time. HA! Realistically, I just don’t think we would have saved all that much by eloping. Unless, we really, truly eloped. Like, get on a plane, jet off to Puerto Rico for the weekend, don’t tell anyone, and show up to work on Monday married. Although that would have been fun, too, I suppose.

Photo credit: Eyedesignstudio